Raleigh Castorama Team

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Digitally re-mastered and printed onto quality 70 micron vinyl. Only 'team' colours available. Complete with head badge and relevant tubing set for this frame.

I've seen so many versions of this frame/design, but I'm pretty sure this is about as authentic as you can get! There are versions with riders names on the top tube, some with full graphics on the seat tube (some with not), it's quite obvious that the frames must have been built in various places by different people! Some were definately Raleigh produced, but there is a school of thought that suggested (shock/horror) Cyrille Guimard had a hand in some and had them made by a specialist? Whatever the situation, there were some great riders, Lauren Fignon, Vincent Barteau, Jacky Durand, Thierry Marie........ the list goes on. 

THERE WERE MANY VERSIONS OF THESE, some 753, some 653, some other tubing altogether and even the decals were not identical, some were smaller, some a deeper shade of blue, it all depended on who made the frame because believe me they were not ALL Raleigh!!!  I have listed below the sizes of these decals, please read the information and make sure yours are from this era. If yours are not this version, then please contact me first before placing any orders.

I took this design from a late 80's 653, so just to give you some idea on sizing the seat tube decals were around 284 mm tall, the down tube 307 long, the top tube (not including the Raleigh part) 231 mm in length, forks 179 mm tall, seat stays (Raleigh vertical) 100 mm tall. If yours is not one of these, then please contact me before placing an order.

All printed decals should be lacquered over for a professional and permanent finish. Failure to apply the lacquer can result in premature wear to the print. Comprehensive instructions are available here on my web site, details of which will accompany the decals.

I would advise against using these decals on a frame that has been powder coated unless this has been applied by a professional company who understand cycle frames and not the type who simply do 'iron gates'. Powder coating is without doubt a very tough finish, but can be difficult to adhere to, especially matt finishes. Best to apply to a stove enamelled frame, by an experienced frame sprayer.