LOOK KG31 (Digital)

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Set includes down tube x 2 @104 x 27 mm, seat tube 3 colours, overall size 187 x 99 mm , Look top tube Look x 2 @ 78 x 19 mm , Look chainstay protector decal x 1 @ 216 x 31 mm, KG 131 tubing decal @ 39 x 58 mm, Look carbon fork (fouche) decal x 2 @ 18 x 26 mm. Look (cadre) under down tube decal x 1 @ 18 x 26 mm, Look fork decal x 2 @ 21 x 81 mm, Look seat stay decals x 2 @ 50 x 13 mm, seat tube LDS decals x 2 @ 30 x 20 mm.

Colours as shown only. I have noticed that there are other versions of these, possibly from different years, with slightly different graphics.This is the only version that I have.If yours are not the same or do not have the same measurements, please contact me first before placing an order.For more information:  info@wanit.co.uk

Seen here on a dark grey background for display purposes only, not included.

All printed decals should be lacquered over for a professional and permanent finish. Failure to apply the lacquer can result in premature wear to the print. Comprehensive instructions are available here on my web site, details of which will accompany the decals.